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All Beaded Earrings

All Beaded Earrings

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Handmade earrings. Please select style from drop down. Picture shown will correspond to style number selected. Only 1 of each style made.

These earrings are handmade, due to that there may be slight variations compared to the listing photo. There may be minor imperfections in the piece and each will be unique. Colors can appear different than what is shown on your screen.


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Vintage glass beads
Gold plated post


Varies. No longer than 2.5"

Care Instructions

You should store your earrings in a cool and dry space. I do not recommend wearing to bed or in any water (pool, tub, shower, etc.)

Polymer clay is very durable but can bend or break if handled roughly.

To clean you can gently rub with a wet cloth with soap or baby wipe. Stubborn stains can be cleaned very gently with acetone on a Q-Tip.

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