Meet the Maker

My name is Alexis Hanna and I'm the owner and maker of all things Speckled Peach! What started out as a hobby to keep myself busy, has now grown into a full fledged small business that I am amazed by daily! The fact that people choose to spend their money on things I've made with my own hands will never cease to amaze me.

When you make a purchase at Speckled Peach, you are supporting my dream to run my own business. This small business won't be small forever, but I guarantee you will always get the same great quality you'll come to love even as we grow.

Meet the Kids

Say hello to Titan & Chai! They are the reason I want to eventually carry the cutest products for your furry family members. Titan is a spooky black cat that I adopted in 2015. Chai is a chihuahua, dachshund, bichon, poodle mix (what a mouthful, thanks Wisdom Panel for the breed results!) that I adopted in 2021. Titan is a bit more "you are required to give me unlimited attention when I say so" and Chai is the life of the party!

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